Problem of the Week 887

Square Division

Show how to divide a unit square into two rectangles so that the smaller rectangle can be placed on the larger with every vertex of the smaller on exactly one of the edges of the larger.

Source: 1994 Dutch Mathematical Olympiad; as reported in Crux Mathematicorum, Sept 1998, Vol. 24, No. 5, p. 264.


Thanks to Rob Leduc for handling POW matters in my absence. For the past two weeks I have been on a ski mountaineering trip in the Selkirk Range of British Columbia. In one 6-day period we averaged over 7000' of climbing a day (on skis with skins). It was an awesome week with terrifically steep and long powder descents. Our guide was Tom Raudaschl, who plays Lutz Chicken in the movie "Seven Years in Tibet"!

Macalester finished 17th in the Putnam competition. Only the top ten teams are announced officially. It would be nice to know which other teams are in the top 20. If you have that info and care to share it, it would be appreciated. I believe Colo. State Univ. is in the 11-16 range, but that is all the info I have.

And Macalester is just back from the International finals of the ACM Programming Competition in The Netherlands where they finished 28th out of the 62 teams that qualified for the finals. 3000+ teams started this competition.

© Copyright 1999 Stan Wagon. Reproduced with permission.

13 April 1999